S Group Consulting Projects

Using Customized Media Research studies to help Build Biz Solutions for Clients across Media sector - Broadcasters, OTT Platforms, Creative Production Houses, Media Agencies, MNC & Local Advertisers

MIC Econsole/Media Planning Projects

Inimitable in-house Tool created for Agencies to audit ROs and link it to a third-party data

Comprehensive Assessment & Evaluation of Sponsorship Activation

Get valuable insights on in-show, event and audio integration from the data experts

Audit of Content Infringement for Rights owner and Broadcasters

A very unique service by TAM Sports for Federations and official Broadcasters for Events/Sports

Pre and Post Vendor Assessment for Sponsorships

Connect with us for a thorough survey on your Vendors/Sponsors before Each event

Net Promoter Scope (Upcoming)

Objective based surveys designed for each of our clients

Movie Library Management

Only Agency to own movie library since 22+ years! Connect with us to know more about scheduling movies on your channel!

Content Selection

Select content for your based on our expert analysis on

New Channel Launch

Connect with our experts to know more before a new channel launch