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S Group Consulting Projects

Using Customized Media Research studies to help Build Biz Solutions for Clients across Media sector - Broadcasters, OTT Platforms, Creative Production Houses, Media Agencies, MNC & Local Advertisers

Path Breakers

MIC Econsole/Media Planning Projects

Inimitable in-house Tool created for Agencies to audit ROs and link it to a third-party data


Comprehensive Assessment & Evaluation of Sponsorship Activation

Get valuable insights on in-show, event and audio integration from the data experts


Audit of Content Infringement for Rights owner and Broadcasters

A very unique service by TAM Sports for Federations and official Broadcasters for Events/Sports


Pre and Post Vendor Assessment for Sponsorships

Connect with us for a thorough survey on your Vendors/Sponsors before Each event

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Net Promoter Scope (Upcoming)

Objective based surveys designed for each of our clients

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Movie Library Management

Only Agency to own movie library since 22+ years! Connect with us to know more about scheduling movies on your channel!

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Content Selection

Select content for your based on our expert analysis on

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New Channel Launch

Connect with our experts to know more before a new channel launch