Net Promoter Scope (Upcoming)

Objective based surveys designed for each of our clients

Movie Library Management

Only Agency to own movie library since 22+ years! Connect with us to know more about scheduling movies on your channel!

Content Selection

Select content for your based on our expert analysis on

New Channel Launch

Connect with our experts to know more before a new channel launch

Ad Sales Targeting and Performance Benchmarking

A customized data analysis service for benchmarking your program/channel/brand performance vis a vis marketing spends

RPD (Return Path Data) from DTH platforms and addressable TV sets

Understands the Audience Behaviour of Linear & Interactive Channels

CATI/CAPI surveys

Connect with us to explore the world of personalized audience surveys

Print AdEx

Print Ad monitoring data for 900+ Publications via unique Dashboard

PR Measurement (Print)

Measure paid vs unpaid PR noise for your brand effortlessly

Print MIS

Tailored to a Publications need of the hour. This service aids a Publication to link their inhouse Sales data to Industry acknowledged AdEx data to compare, strategize, keep a track and create Management reports at the click of a button