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Through the surge of an ever changing media world, intensely competitive channels and constantly expanding television audiences, TAM data has garnered the mantle of the most trustworthy negotiable medium for measuring ratings.

However, the unbridled desire to achieve ratings at any cost has witnessed an intense competition targeting TAM panel homes and employees with the intention of manipulating spectator viewership. The primary notion of TAM’s Vigilance Department is to thwart and investigate all such attempts as well as transgressions and ensure that the responsible factors are made aware by issuing cautionary or penal measures.

Executing the responsibility as Head of TAM Vigilance is Mr. Ravi Ratanjankar, an Ex Assistant Commissioner of the Maharashtra Police and a veteran of the force who has seen active service for more than 21 years. A Presidents Medal recipient for excellence in service he possesses a rich experience of 22 years as a law enforcement officer with the Police Department. His array of experience is replete with stints in the CBI, Mumbai Crime Branch, Police Stations in Mumbai, combat experience in Naxalite districts and as a specialized team member investigating the Nation-wide Telgi Scam cases. He is also a security analyst and prior to joining TAM was the Vigilance Officer for the HDFC Bank.

In his visualization of TAM Vigilance Mr. Ratanjankar frankly feels that - TAM Vigilance is principally about successfully securing TAM employees, panel homes from manipulative forays and maintaining the inviolability of TAM data. We at TAM Vigilance also accept as true that the success of these endeavors depend in equal measure upon the co-operation of all channels and stakeholders. I envisage a unified front with all stakeholders in upholding the sanctity of TAM panel homes, negating transgressions to influence data and promoting awareness for – ‘ratings by excellence and not by coercion’.

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