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Introduction TTP Panel Member Guide for Consulting the TAM Transparency Panel(TTP)


TAM, in order to help the industry data users address their concerns & complaints about TAM data, has constituted an independent TAM Transparency Panel (TTP), which has started acting as an ombudsman to TAM s clients for any grievances. This setup came into force from January 2012. Any client who is dissatisfied with TAM s explanation on a query posted to TAM can approach this panel to probe deeper into their queries.

This four member fully functional panel. The panel consist of members of repute from not only Indian media and research world, but also from the international markets - Mr. Ivor Millman, with experience in the development of audience measurement industry bodies like JICTAR and BARB in UK, also was part of the BARB Board, Mr, Chintamani Rao, Independent Strategic Marketing and Media Advisor with years of experience in Broadcasting and Advertising, Mr. Giovanni Fabris, an International expert on Media Research and Audience Measurement with global experience, Ms. Sheila Byfield, a Media research consultant from UK, Chair of the European Association of Communications Agencies Media Research and was a Global Director - Research and Insights, WPP. This is one of the very first such initiative driven by a Market Research firm anywhere in the world.

While the TTP panel has been familiarized with the TAM operations, it will operate at an arm s length to TAM. It will act as a true ombudsman to the TAM clients whose issues have not been resolved by TAM directly. A guideline for industry data users; not satisfied with the response from TAM and wants to consult the TTP members.

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