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TAM Media Research is a joint venture between Nielsen (India) Private Limited & Kantar Market Research. Appointed by Joint Industry Body (JIB) which is composed of the Industry stakeholders of ISA (Indian Society of Advertisers), IBF (Indian Broadcast Foundation) and AAAI (Advertising Agencies Association of India) in 1998. The raison d'être for TAM (Television Audience Measurement) is to be the central Industry provider of Media and Consumer Insights to the various stakeholders of the Indian Media and Entertainment Industry - Advertisers & Marketers, Media Owners, Media Agencies and the Academia.

TAM runs a neutral TV Viewership cell for the Indian TV Broadcast & Marketing Industry. This panel has one of the largest TV Audience Measurement panels in the world comprising of 45,287 individual sample respondents from across 225 cities and towns with 12,200 TVM5 Peoplemeters covering 11,130 TV homes. These TV Panel Homes are representative of Class I towns (all towns and cities with a population of 1 Lac+) and Semi Rural Towns (Less than 1 Lac population) from the state of Maharashtra, Gujarat, MP, PHCHP, Rajasthan & UP.

TAM initiated a study in 2006 that for the first time focused on the prospect of Digital Television in India. The study was presented to the Industry in April 2006. Post that, since 2007, TAM has been reporting TV Viewership data for Terrestrial TV Homes, Cable & Satellite TV Homes and the Digital TV Homes too. For this, TAM proactively introduced the internationally acclaimed, highly advanced, platform neutral digital TVM5 peoplemeter because of which TAM did not miss out on a single household that turned digital from analog.

Recently, with the implementation of Digital Addressable Systems (DAS), TAM closely worked with the industry bodies - IBF, AAAI, ISA to ensure a smooth transition of the measurement from Pre-DAS to Post-DAS. This has primarily been possible due to an early investment in Measurement Technology, deep rooted knowledge of survey measurement exercises and in-depth decade plus experience of managing transitions in environment

TAM has won accolades at various International Research and Communications seminars, some of them being ESOMAR – Asia Pacific Conference in Shanghai & WAM Conference in Geneva in 2004. In March 2005, TAM India again hoisted the Indian Flag when it won accolades for another research paper presented at the ESOMAR Conference in Tokyo, Japan. This was followed with the Best Paper award at the WAM 2005 conference in Montreal in June. The last ever ESSOMAR conducted by ESOMAR and ARF(Advertising Research Foundation) together in Dublin, in 2008. TAM further went on to present the world's first television audience panel among elite set of homes setup in Mumbai & Delhi. Then in 2013, TAM was invited to present in the ARF worldwide conference in New York. TAM's paper on "Key Insights from Indian Audiences" was appreciated by global research community.

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