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About Us

TAM Media Research aims towards keeping all the Industry stakeholders informed about latest aspects of media consumption trends, various research methodologies and technologies. This initiative is designed to cover all management levels starting from fresh trainees to Top Management decision makers. 
It is towards this objective of creating INFORMED OPNION that TAM Media Research undertakes various educative sessions on the subject of Media and its Research for various industry stake holders:

  1. Advertisers and Marketers
  2. Media Owners
  3. Media Agencies
  4. MBA and Media Institutes

These TAM initiatives are dedicated training sessions customised as per the requirements of the stakeholders. They could be a combination of:
Schedules: (Fri/Saturday)

  1. Full Day sessions
  2. Half Day sessions


  1. TAM Software training
  2. Understanding of the Medium
  3. Helping brainstorm on the ideal Media Plan and Optimizations
  4. Media Technologies

 Under the banner of TAM Educate, our organization also runs interesting education sessions like:

  1. Rising Star: TAM Educate initiative that trains and orients young recruits of Media Agencies, fresh from college or institutes, on TAM softwares, terminologies and the domain.
  2. BLINK: Large format Industry seminars organized by TAM that aims to update industry members on new findings, market developments and possible future developments within the world of Media, Advertising and Research.

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