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The sporting landscape in India has seen a sea change. Sports are no longer limited to stadiums, arenas and ‘gullies’. From round-the-clock sports programming to dedicated sport specific channels, from regional/city centric leagues to specialized sports marketing agencies, sports in India, is in a perpetual phase of evolution. With ever growing popularity of using sports as a platform to advertise and the exploding investment avenues in sports, the need for understanding potential & there-after, returns from the same are growing. TAM Media Research launched TAM Sports in April 2009 with the aim to provide a single source for monitoring, understanding and assessing returns from Sports Sponsorship.
TAM Sports is the specialized division of TAM Media Research, empowering sponsors to evaluate returns from standard advertising (by way of placing advertising in sports) + brand integration/product placement (by way of placing the product or the brand logo in the content) + media coverage/PR (by way of coverage gained owing to coverage of the event by media) not just in Rupee/Dollar terms but more importantly in Audience Exposure terms. By virtue of bringing science & method, this specialized division is envisioned to boost investments, evaluate returns and cater to the ever growing need for third party assessment of sports & sponsorships associated with same.

TAM Sports works alongside all Stakeholders in Sports including Sponsors, Federations/Associations, Sports Bodies, Broadcasters and Rights owners.

"TAM Sports empowers you to Measure your Investment return,
in turn an opportunity to Manage it better."

TAM Sports is committed to work alongside Sponsors, Federations/Associations, Sports Bodies, Broadcasters and Rights owners for assessing sporting events, bringing finer nuances and examining the dynamics of sports marketing, investments and commercial rights management.

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