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Set up in 1970, AIS (Advertising Information System - formerly AdEx India) is the country’s advertising monitoring and information POWERHOUSE. It was set up by ORG(Operations Research Group) to primarily monitor Print & Terrestrial TV. In the 90's, it got expanded to bring Satellite TV Channels under its preview of monitoring. Till the beginning at the new century, the number of TV stations monitored was less than 50.

In 2000, TAM Media Research has taken over AdEx as a Press Advertising monitoring unit from ORG MARG (AC Nielsen). Today, AIS monitors and analyses advertising information on 350+ Cable and Satellite and Terrestrial TV stations through its division TV AIS; 800+ Newspapers and Magazines through Press AIS and the latest addition, Radio(100+ Radio FM Stations) through Radio AIS in its association with RCS India.

AIS provides advertising information across 700 various product categories. This helps to give advertising and media trends in the industry and more of the competitors. AIS derives its strength from a truly GloCal (global + Local) setup. With its consistent technology and software transfers from Nielsen Media Research-International, AIS services is across the Globe, having a strong Indian team that specializes in 15 languages.

AIS’s subscribers include Advertisers, Media Specialist Agencies, Publication Groups, TV channels amongst others. AIS also operates under four key verticals – AIS Expenditure, Ad Monitoring, Ad Creative and Ad Analytics. AIS represents a cutting edge strategy tool which can help you keep an eye on advertising and media trends.

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