Overview of Banking/Finance/Investment Sector advertising on TV, Radio and Print Period: Jan-Mar'14
Thursday, March 19, 2015
Highlights :

  • Banking/Finance/Investment Sector has seen rise of 80% in Radio
  • There was a drop of 12% and 21% respectively, for TV & Print, during Q1, 2014 compared to Q1, 2013.
  • Radio contributed 45% of the total Ad Pie closely followed by TV with 44% Share.
  • Life Insurance was the Top category under Banking/Finance/Investment in each Media during the period Jan-Mar '14.
  • Most of the New Brands launched in Banking/Finance/Investment Sector for each Media in the list of Top 5 Brands belong to LIC.
  • National Channels had the maximum 53% share of Ad Volumes in Banking/Finance/Investment Sector for TV Ads during Jan-Mar '14.
(The entire analysis is based on ad volumes expressed in secondages/column centimeters. All spends number if any,
indicate market valuation of the ad space/time bought. The figures should be taken only as indicative and not absolutes)

Growth in Ad Volumes of 'Banking/Finance/Investment' during Q1, 2014

  • Advertising on TV for Banking/Finance/Investment Sector decreased by 12% during Q1, 2014 compared to same period for the last year.
  • Radio Advertising in Banking/Finance/Investment Sector grew by 80% during Jan-Mar '14 compared to Jan-Mar '13.
  • Ad Volume for Print during Q1, 2014 reports significant fall of 21% in Banking/Finance/Investment Sector compared to Q1, 2013.

Media wise contribution of Ad Insertions in ‘Banking/Finance/Investment’ Sector

  • 45% of the total Ad Volumes was contributed by Radio closely followed by TV with 44% share

Top 10 Product Categories of ‘Banking/Finance/Investment’ Sector

  • Life Insurance was the top category under Banking/Finance/Investment Sector advertising on all 3 Media having share of 44% on TV, 35% on Radio, and 14% on Print during Q1, 2014.

Top 5 New Brands in each Media for ‘Banking/Finance/Investment’ Sector

  • LIC's New Bima Bachat & New Endowment Plan were the Top 2 New Brands of Banking/Finance/Investment sector advertised on TV during Jan-Mar'14.
  • Again, LIC's 2 Brands New Money Back & New Bima Bachat made it to the Top 5 list of New Brands of Banking/Finance/Investment Sector advertised on Radio during Jan-Mar'14.
  • LIC New Jeevan Anand & SBI Her Ghar were Top 2 New Brands for Print in Banking/Finance/Investment Sector during Jan-Mar'14.

Share of National & Regional channels in TV Ads for ‘Banking/Finance/Investment’ Sector

  • Advertising of Banking/Finance/Investment on National and Regional channels was in the ratio of 53:47 during Q1, 2014.

State wise Share for Radio Advertising in ‘Banking/Finance/Investment’ Sector

  • Highest Share of 18% was contributed by 'Maharashtra' State in Radio Advertising for Banking/Finance/Investment Sector in the period Jan-Mar'14.
  • 'Gujarat' & 'Tamil Nadu' contributes almost equally after Maharashtra having share of 13% each in Banking/Finance/Investment Sector.

Contribution of Newspapers & Magazines in Print Ads for ‘Banking/Finance/Investment’ Sector

  • Newspapers dominated the Ad Pie having 98% share in Banking/Finance/Investment Sector during the period Jan-Mar'14.


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(Analysis from AdEx India-A Division of TAM Media Research)

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